Heirs of Girai

The five blood children of Girant. They believe that it is their right to re-build the city of Girai and to reclaim the empire.


The oldest daughter of Girant the Great. She was 47 at the time of Girant II’s ascension to the throne, and vehemently protested his rule at every opportunity. She famously attacked him during his coronation ceremony, and was imprisoned for many years following. Though by historical accounts she and Girant II made peace, some historians using obscure accounts claim that she never stopped trying to usurp him.


The oldest son of Girant the Great, he was 45 when “the bastard” took his throne. He conspired with Pelah to attack his half-brother. Though his part in the plan was seemingly never uncovered, since he became one of Girant II’s ministers of war. It seems as though Jun did not care for this position, since Girant II never really fought in any major battles, and there are historical records that Jun would lobby for war at the smallest slights, including calling for the genocide of the Morad Dwarves when one of their ambassadors sneezed during a diplomatic meeting.

He died in a dual against another Tiefling lord after getting in an argument as to the fidelity of his wives. His bloodline is still pronounced in modern Tiefling populations, though family histories are often so muddled that most just assume their relations rather than confirm them.


Youngest daughter of Girant the Great. She was 40 when Girant II took the throne. Sari was by most accounts the most complacent of the five siblings, and was the one that Girant II seemed to be able to get along with the best. Before his becoming emperor, the two were apparently fast friends, and several pieces of art depict the two together in a strong familial relationship. But she was also the one most prone to being led by others. She married at her other sibling’s insistence that she was getting too old to be single, and they arranged the marriage without her input. She became queen of a minor nation to the west, on an island ruled by Deva. Her husband was notorious for his anger and the accounts say that he regularly beat her. She died at age 50, with no written record as to the actual cause of death.


Middle son of Girant the Great, constantly tried to one-up his other siblings, and at one point even had some hero-worship for Girant II. He was 37 when Girant II took the throne, and was never known for being very smart. In fact by all accounts he was almost too stupid to function, and needed constant coaching on some of the simplest tasks, like sharpening his sword or spelling his name. For several centuries afterwards, ‘Dur’ became a slight when people would say stupid things. Historical records show that he died of poisoning because he forgot to let the food tester check his plate.


Youngest of Girant the Great’s children, he was 29 when Girant II took the throne, and was always known as a bit of a brat. Historical accounts talk about him interrupting his father’s speeches and that the family was always yelling at him. Considered a failure by most, he was given no official titles like his other siblings when Girant II took the throne, and instead became the unofficial court jester. He died an old man, living on a small vinyard in the Drima region.

Heirs of Girai

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